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Price Point: $ low, $$ medium, $$$ high

Products from all over the World!

Designers often prefer energy efficient lighting solutions to save on their energy consumption. We, representing experienced Lighting Manufacturers, supply state of the art variety which embraces that aspect in an array of track, linear lighting, architectural, decorative, and commercial,including lines below such as Tango Santa cole,Leucos,Alvarez, Wakanine, Estiluz, Eltorrent. multiforme Lightingobjects, Lightinggroupnetwork, Hand and Eye,  Covering a wide horizon, we aim at supplying these lights to discriminating designers and architects. We can fulfill your personalized or custom  requirements with beautful modern designs!. We supply lights to all commercial, hospitality, and residential areas. Let us know your needs or contact us for suggestions.

BACKLIGHT  : very nice line of backlighted ledpanels, indoor/ outdoor 

ACADEMY:  great picture lighting. customs

ONE A/ STORM  scandinavian lighting/specialty downlights

LOUPI/  magnetic track lighting

LEDNER   tiny linear and spots cri97 tape lights

BLIGHT:  led linear / spots architectural lighting

Vanilla: outdoor and indoor, track linears, gypsum

Blight :  outdoor and indoor arch lighting

Agabekov: closet lights, spa lighting,etc., baths

Archier:  architetural lighting

Promotech architectural lighting

LIGHTING OBJECTS: architectural lighting indoor/outdoor/customs 

TANGO :  great spanish lights and furniture/ many collections of pendents, wall, lamps

Forrestier: wire shapes and rattan lights

Alma: beautiful glass and finishes in lights

Carpyen : many collections and unusal lighting/ furniture

Faro lighting


WAKANINE:: wakanine Is the North American distributor of David Trubridge out of New Zealand and designs are made from bamboo and inspired by nature. Very unique play of color and shadow. Stocked in Austin, TX. Lead time typically 4-6 weeks. also new is Ango, Truk, Hush, Fireandice $$

Truk: unique truck recylced filters made into lights

Fire and Ice: unique recycled glass lighting to look like seaglassl Luminosa new 

David Trubridge: unique bamboo lighting from new zealand

Luminosa:  colorful glass from mexico Murano glass lightings$$ customs  custom indoor and outdoor carpets$  custom prague glass lighting $$


HAND and EYE,  beautiful British glazed ceramics, glass, customs $


OFFICINA LUCE/ beautiful high end finishes Italiano lamps$$$

ESTILUZ www/  has been devoted to design, development, manufacturing and the distribution of high-range decorative lighting products / Spain$$ 6wk 


designer oriented lighting with variety of materials to make shades from Spain $$

Emanuel Morez, Inc.  gorgeous resins, cool colors and designs, custom, USA made $$

Harmonic Environments : / stainless wiremesh waterfall, of tremendous sizes and varieties. also new line of gorgeous custom wine assemblies/rooms$$  usa /custom lighting, hospitality,commercial, res.$$  great usa made custom glass lighting$$$ custom carpet indoor and outdoor $$ custom and standard led mirrors $$ hospitality (lamps too)

 LZF hand made  lovely  wood touched by light from spain, $$                                                                 

Leucos has an extensive portfolio of Italian-made lighting solutions, as well as its custom capabilities, makes it an invaluable resource for the architecture and design community. Many lines integrate LED technology. Specializing in the hospitality, commercial and high-end residential markets. ITRE and FDV Collection and now under the Leucos brand. Manufactured in Italy. Stocked in NJ. Typical lead time is 6 to 8 weeks. $$

LUCENT : / line of very exquisite downlights $$

LIGHTING SQUARED well priced led layins recessed, track ,bollards and exterior and lots of led MIRRORS!$

Medialightusa  specializes in manufacturing and designing specialty lighting MEDIALIGHT cooperates with Luci Italiane brand which include Morisini and evistyle collections. $$  custom Spanish and highpoint market contract furnishings $$ glass and metal lighting usa$  a lovely collection of European indood/outdoor furniture,\ 

unopiu, fiam, bonaldo, arflex, Wiener, Ivanonedelli, leiiiu $$

Santa & Cole incorporates industrial design elements in domestic and urban furniture and lighting in an eclectic style $$   cirio, estadio,nimba, lamina, and others

SOFFILIGHTING : Beautiful blown glass collections made locally in lighting! $$

chandeliers and pendents / colors in glass/ huge to small balls, linear, chandeliers, etc.


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